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The great ambition of this small blog is to be able to talk about art in its simplest form, as starting with small things, small objects. When I opened my new Instagram profile (@whittled.lovelies) I realised that I couldn’t just give visibility to my wooden objects, because people are able to create wonderful masterpieces every day, all over the world.

Initially, I started following all those who, like me, created small figurines by carving wood, but then I discovered carvers of flat lines, sculptors with chain saws, experts in fretwork, and then I thought: wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a place where, like in a treasure chest, different kinds of masterpieces are contained?

I would like to see on these pages experiences, tutorials, emotions, comments, interactions. I would like to know that I have succeeded in creating a space that will be constantly enriched with new categories, for everything that imagination and manual skills grant us. I would like to be able to give a face, a voice, a visibility to all those who do not want to (or do not know how to) open their own blog. In the end it will be a blog that is enriched day by day with the experience of everyone, leaving space for all those who want to use it to the full.

My intention is to keep the blog in two main versions, one totally in Italian and one in English. To help friends who are in every part of the world there will be in each version a convenient translator that allows the total visualization in every language. I want to leave space for all those who want to use it to the full.

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