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In the blog for those who love wood in 360 degrees!

I am Sara

and it is an extreme pleasure for me to know you here among my pages.

You should know that what you see today is the result of two big dreams that one fine day I decided to believe in. I threw myself into adventure and so, just drunk on the scent of wood and loving technology.

I created this blog on my own, with zero resources and zero knowledge in either subject. Just the fact that I succeeded and am still here after years growing day by day makes me proud and full of joy!

I wanted this blog to help you grow with me, telling you about my experiences and introducing you to a fantastic community of carvers that knows no boundaries in the world.

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welcome page - A cartoon panda with a woocarving knife

I started woodcarving seriously in 2020,

the year that the whole world will always remember as a huge disgrace.

But it was also the year that gave many people the opportunity to search within themselves for something to come out victorious.

My salvation has been wood.

These are my very first works, the ones that tell my story better than a thousand words.I started this way, with curiosity and ready to experiment.

In a short time I found myself in a wonderful world made of new friends and imagination.

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The mission

As you may have seen by taking a tour through these pages, I have tried to encapsulate many topics, several categories, to make the blog as varied and interesting as possible.

I like to think of it as a specialized magazine!

This is a personal blog, of course, but what would life be without sharing? So I would like to give a face, a voice, a visibility to all those who do not feel like, or do not know how to start their own blog, but have ideas to share with others.

Do you want to collaborate with me?

Would you like to share your experiences in woodcarving, DIY or other lovingly handmade items?

Do you want to give an interview? Do you want to write an article and show the world your skills?

I’ll give you the guidelines you have to meet to get published and that’s it, as soon as your article and photos are ready you can go online!

What are you waiting for?
Start writing YOUR article TODAY!

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