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You have discovered a SECRET page!!!

Are you here because you want to know who ZuPanda is?

Let’s unravel the mystery


Is the secret identity of Whittled Lovelies…

ZuPanda logo
Whittled Lovelies logo

Whittled Lovelies

Is Sara’s alter ego…


lives with these three personalities, in the morning she is ZuPanda, in the afternoon she is Sara, in the evening she becomes Whittled Lovelies…

profile picture from the information page www.whittledlovelies.blog
ZuPanda superhero version, a plastcica panda in a red jumpsuit


so she is the computer superhero! As well as the creator and editor of this Blog!

Here is a small list of things ZuPanda could do for you….

Many times people open websites and then they don’t have the ideas to expose their contents, luckily there is ZuPanda!

Sometimes people think that to have a website it’s enough to have a domain and put some content between and there in the pages. Worse still, in case they know what S.E.O. is and what it’s for, they write contents with keywords repeated endlessly. Thank goodness you know now that ZuPanda can take care of it for you!

Having a BLOG or site is not an easy thing to do and unlike the advertising that web-hosting does, not by everyone. It’s practically a full-time job. Many people didn’t think they would have to put so much time into it, others don’t have ideas for their own content. If you don’t know how to do it or don’t want to do it anymore, ZuPanda can do it for you!

Often relying on Google’s automatic translator may seem like a good idea, even Whittled Lovelies used it in her BLOG but, it should be used only to favor users who speak uncommon languages. Multilingual sites are another thing, in English and Italian translation ZuPanda can help you!

Here ZuPanda takes off her internet content superhero suit and dresses as Whittled Lovelies. If you like what she carves try asking for a custom item or if there are any free pre-carved characters left, she can ship them anywhere in the world!

Unleash the power of ZuPanda!

For any info you need, or anything else you want to tell me…