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Super simple Christmas decoration!

Published on 15 December 2023 – Reading time: 4 minutes

Hello everyone!!! After exactly one year of articles on the DIY date in Takahama‘s company certainly what stands out the most is his projects are always very easy and very effective, and that is no small quality! And he did not disappoint with this super simple Christmas decoration! Let’s take a look at his project together!

Every Christmas we have to focus on more and more things to do and you have less and less time for decorations so this year I thought I would cut down on the work but not the satisfaction of a well-decorated house.

So I made a very modern and straightforward Christmas tree, but very nice and still with something for my cats to enjoy too! The balls! 🤣

But let’s go straight to the technical data and what you need to accomplish this project with me:

Open with + the topics that interest you

  • about 1 hour considering the laying of the color

multilayer wooden board:

  • Height: 31 centimeters
  • Width: 21 centimeters
  • Thickness: 15 millimeters

Measurements of my tree:

  • Crown:
    • Height: 26 centimeters
    • Width 21 centimeters
  • Trunk:
    • Height: 5 centimeters
    • Width of the base: 9 centimeters
    • Hanging width: 4.5 centimeters

about 20 dollars


First draw the tree on the board you have available. I in the measurements section above left you the dimensions of my tree which is tiny but you can make it any size you like. The process is the same!

Mark the middle of the board and draw a triangle taking care to leave a space at the bottom where we are going to draw and create the foot of the tree.

Measure your Christmas balls and based on their size (always consider a few extra centimeters for hooking bulk) draw circles, in my case two, that will hold the balls.

Distribute the circles randomly throughout the surface of the tree crown, perhaps helping to draw the circles with a round cap or bottle, whichever best fits your measurements. This is all essential to be drawn full-board before cutting the template.

Now all that remains is to mark the bottom half of the board in the center and create two trapezoids that will join together to create the foot of the tree.

Let’s saw!

First we attach the hole sawing cup to our drill for the balls (you can even make them different sizes if you have different sized balls!) and start making these circles in the wood.

Then, with a band saw or jigsaw, (but a scroll saw, hand…whatever you have will also do) we follow the lines drawn and cut out the tree. This will also leave the circles you made on the edges open, creating this nice “gruyere” cheese effect.

Super simple Christmas decoration - detail cut the tree and leave the circle of balls open

Once we have cut the entire template, including the foot, we sandpaper well over the entire surface and also in the holes where the balls will go.

At this point we can decide whether to leave the wood as it is or choose as I did to use a solvent stain and countertop paint, or acrylic paints.

We insert as centrally as possible in the holes we created with the hole saw the self-tapping hooks and finally insert the balls to them with their hook. In case of problems help yourself with a piece of wire and create an eyelet.

The end! Here it is nice and ready, our new Christmas tree! As usual I created the video to visually help you through all the steps, you can find it below! See you next project and Merry Christmas to all!

You really can’t say that this Christmas decoration wasn’t really super simple, can you? I also really like this project because it is really easy to adapt to different sizes making it even more practical to make! What do you guys think? Do we promote it Takahama for next year as well? 😉😉

Being Takahama’s first year on the blog I can’t link here to her previous Christmas project, but you can always have a look at the other Christmas-related articles, like making a cute diorama for example! I wish you all a very good holiday season together with your loved ones, we will be here next year! Merry Christmas! 😘🎄🎁😘

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