Woodcarving a 2D Easter egg - featured photo

Woodcarving a 2D Easter egg

Published March 15, 2024 – Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hello everyone here we are back to a new appointment with Takahama! Easter is fast approaching and as usual you are late on creating the little gadgets you wanted to give to friends? Don’t worry! In this article you will find a quick and easy solution to your problems, so let’s get going! Let’s see how to woodcarve 2D Easter eggs.

As they say: of necessity virtue. This last period I have been busy with so many things, and when I realized that it is soon will be Easter, I came up with a solution that would combine speed and effectiveness.

The project is simple and within anyone’s reach and you will see how in no time you will have in your hands many beautiful wooden eggs to give to your friends, let’s see how:

Preliminary Phase

Gather the necessary materials

  1. Wood about 1 cm thick, 6/10cm x 5cm high (for a finished egg of about 5.5cm)
  2. Band saw or scroll saw
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Acrylic colors
  5. Brushes
  6. Protective wax
  7. Magnets
  8. Eye hooks
  9. Glue
  10. Easter egg template

Preparation of the Pattern

First we create a template, which is a model to be drawn and brought back onto the wood. There are different ways of doing this process, I for repetitive processes, like to create a shape and laminate it.

So we go on the Internet and look for pictures of stylized Easter eggs, print, put in the special laminating paper and run it through the laminator.

This process will give us a smooth, firm, rigid paper that, once the subject is cut out, will last over time and will be good for multiple uses.

We center the plasticized, cut-out egg on our piece of wood and mark the edges with a pencil. If anything is unclear to you, I have created a video on this very topic:

Creation of the 2D Easter Egg

Tracing, cutting and carving

Once we have traced the shape of the egg on the piece of wood, we switch to the handy band saw (or scroll saw) and cut out.

Having made the cut, we can move on to the most fun phase, which is woodcarving!

We round the edges and try to create a relief effect by leaving higher in material toward the center and thinning more toward the edges. You will see in very few knife strokes, what a beautiful effect!

Possibly use some sandpaper to further smooth the work, and let’s move on to color.

Easter Egg Decoration

Basic Painting and Design Creation

With diluted acrylic paints, we begin to decorate the eggs according to imagination.

If you want to do layered designs always remember to let the colors dry thoroughly between coats.

Once well dried, I used a protective and nourishing wax as a finish.

Turning 2D Easter Egg into Magnet or Keychain

Here we are at the end of our very quick project! Although already such a carved and colored egg is eye-catching in itself we can go further and turn it into a keychain or a magnet to put on the fridge!

Just buy eyelets and attach them to the egg tips or create a cove behind, or simply attach a magnet in relief, nothing could be easier!

I hope you also enjoyed this project, I greet you until next time!

These 2D Easter eggs are really cute and super simple! It only takes a couple to make a party right away, nice idea Takahama!

Guys, we, meet back here on time in a month to talk some more about wood, carving and whimsical projects! Bye, Happy Easter and don’t miss out on new ideas in other articles in the Creative Ideas category! 😘🎉

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